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Quick Details

  • Type: Valves
  • Model Number: E312D
  • Brand Name: MOTTROL
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: wooden case packing



Cat:E120 E120B E180  E200B E240B E300 E300B E330C E307 E311 E311B E312 E320 E320B E320C E325 E345

Komatsu:PC200-1/2/3/5/6/7 PC220-1/2/3/5/6/7 PC120-1/2/3/5/6/7 PC100-1/2/3/5/6/7 PC60-3/5/6/7  PC300-1/2/3/5/6/7  PC400-1/2/3/5/6/7
Hitachi:UH07-7O/N EX200-1/2/3/5/6 EX220-3/5/6  EX120-3/5/6 EX100-2/3/5 EX60-3/5/6 EX300-3/5/6 ZAXIS55 ZAXIS70 


Sumitomo:LS2800FJ/FJ2/F2  SH60 SH100 SH120 SH200 SH220
Kobelco:SK07-N2 SK200-1/2/3/5/6 SK210-1/2/3/5/6/7 SK120-3/5/6 SK100-1/2/3/5/6 SK60-5/6
Kato:HD700-5/7 HD770-1/2 HD800-5/7 HD820 HD900-5/7 HD880
Volvo:EC140B EC210B EC240B  EC290B EC360B
Daewoo:DH220-5 DH225-7  DH130-7 DH280
Hyundai:R225-7 R215-7 R220-5 R210-5



708-2H-25310 PLUG 708-2H-25430 SPRING 708-2H-25440 SPRING 708-2H-25450 SPRING 708-2H-25460 SPRING

708-2H-25660 ORIFICE 708-2H-31130 CASE 708-2H-31140 CASE 708-2H-31150 CASE 708-2H-31530 CAP

708-2H-32130 COUPLING 708-2H-33111 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2H-33130 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2H-33140 SEAT 708-2H-33150 SPRING

708-2H-33220 PLATE 708-2H-33321 PISTON 708-2H-33342 SHOE RETAINER 708-2H-33350 RETAINER 708-2H-33410 CAM

708-2H-33420 VALVE PLATE 708-2H-33421 PLATE 708-2H-33430 PLATE 708-2H-33431 PLATE 708-2H-33440 CAM

708-2H-33511 CRADLE 708-2K-00011 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00012 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00021 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00022 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2K-00031 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00032 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00120 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-00130 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-01110 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2K-01111 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-01120 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2K-03131 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2K-03132 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2K-03150 SERVO VALVE ASS

708-2K-03151 SERVO VALVE ASS 708-2K-03160 SERVO VALVE ASS 708-2K-03220 CAM ASS`Y 708-2K-03221 CAM ASS`Y 708-2K-03231 SENSOR ASS`Y

708-2K-03250 FILTER 708-2K-03320 CASE ASS`Y 708-2K-03411 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2K-03420 VALVE 708-2K-03430 PILOT VALVE

708-2K-03440 PILOT VALVE 708-2K-03512 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2K-03550 VALVE 708-2K-03560 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2K-03820 PLUG

708-2K-04211 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2K-04241 CYLINDER ASS`Y 708-2K-04242 CYLINDER ASS`Y 708-2K-04243 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2K-04251 CYLINDER ASS`Y

708-2K-04252 CYLINDER ASS`Y 708-2K-04260 CRADLE 708-2K-04270 CYLINDER 708-2K-04271 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2K-04280 CYLINDER

708-2K-04281 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2K-04330 CASE 708-2K-04340 CASE 708-2K-04350 CAP 708-2K-04360 CASE ASS`Y

708-2K-04370 CASE ASS`Y 708-2K-04380 CAP ASS`Y 708-2K-05020 SHIM KIT 708-2K-05040 SHIM KIT 708-2K-05050 WASHER

708-2K-05060 SPACER KIT 708-2K-11170 O-RING 708-2K-11190 O-RING 708-2K-11230 CASE 708-2K-11240 CASE

708-2K-11250 CASE 708-2K-11260 CASE 708-2K-11280 BEARING 708-2K-11290 ORIFICE 708-2K-11540 CAP

708-2K-11550 CAP 708-2K-11711 IMPELLER 708-2K-11720 BUSHING 708-2K-11730 IMPELLER 708-2K-11740 FLANGE

708-2K-11750 SHIM 708-2K-11760 SHIM 708-2K-11770 SHIM 708-2K-11780 SHAFT 708-2K-11790 WASHER

708-2K-11810 SHAFT 708-2K-11820 WASHER 708-2K-11920 PLUG 708-2K-11930 COVER 708-2K-11940 PLATE

708-2K-12131 COUPLING 708-2K-12160 SHAFT 708-2K-12170 WASHER 708-2K-12180 WASHER 708-2K-12190 WASHER

708-2K-12220 SPACER 708-2K-12230 OIL SEAL 708-2K-12240 COUPLING 708-2K-12260 BEARING 708-2K-12280 BEARING

708-2K-12290 SHAFT 708-2K-12310 PLATE 708-2K-12320 COVER 708-2K-12330 SHAFT 708-2K-12380 WASHER

708-2K-12390 WASHER 708-2K-12660 GEAR 708-2K-12670 PINION 708-2K-12680 GEAR 708-2K-12690 PINION

708-2K-12710 BEARING 708-2K-12720 BEARING 708-2K-12730 CASE 708-2K-12740 COLLAR 708-2K-12750 SHAFT

708-2K-12790 SLEEVE 708-2K-12810 BEARING 708-2K-12820 BEARING 708-2K-12830 SHIM 708-2K-12840 SHIM

708-2K-12850 SHIM 708-2K-12860 SHIM 708-2K-12870 SHIM 708-2K-12910 SPACER 708-2K-12920 SPACER

708-2K-12930 SPACER 708-2K-13112 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2K-13113 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2K-13130 SEAT 708-2K-13140 SEAT

708-2K-13151 SPRING 708-2K-13160 PLUG 708-2K-13212 VALVE PLATE 708-2K-13230 VALVE 708-2K-13240 VALVE

708-2K-13312 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2K-13320 PISTON 708-2K-13350 RETAINER 708-2K-13361 PIN 708-2K-13370 RETAINER

708-2K-13371 RETAINER 708-2K-13420 CAM 708-2K-13430 PLATE 708-2K-13610 CRADLE 708-2K-14110 PISTON

708-2K-14130 ROD 708-2K-14210 SCREW 708-2K-14230 SCREW 708-2K-14240 SCREW 708-2K-14250 SCREW

708-2K-15120 CAM 708-2K-15141 BLOCK 708-2K-15160 BRACKET 708-2K-15161 BRACKET 708-2K-15610 SLEEVE

708-2K-15620 SPOOL 708-2K-15632 SPOOL 708-2K-15642 PLUG 708-2K-15651 SEAT 708-2K-15660 SPRING

708-2K-15671 SPRING 708-2K-15820 PLUG 708-2K-16130 BLOCK 708-2K-16140 BLOCK 708-2K-16150 FILTER

708-2K-16160 SPACER 708-2K-16170 BOLT 708-2K-16180 O-RING 708-2K-16220 VALVE 708-2K-16241 SLEEVE

708-2K-16310 O-RING 708-2K-16320 O-RING 708-2K-16920 PLUG 708-2K-16930 UNION 708-2K-19150 PLATE

708-2K-19170 PLATE 708-2K-19190 PLATE 708-2K-19310 PLUG 708-2K-19320 SPRING 708-2K-19330 ROD

708-2K-19340 SLEEVE 708-2K-19351 SLEEVE 708-2L-00005 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00021 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00052 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00053 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00054 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00055 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00062 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00063 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00065 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00072 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00074 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00075 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00082 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00084 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00085 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00090 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00091 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00092 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00102 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00130 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00150 OIL PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00160 OIL PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00161 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00170 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00171 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00180 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00181 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00182 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00200 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00201 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00202 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00230 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00240 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00250 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00260 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00270 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00280 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00340 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00341 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00350 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00351 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00360 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00361 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00380 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00411 PUMP 708-2L-00412 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00421 PUMP 708-2L-00422 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00430 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00431 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00440 PUMP 708-2L-00441 PUMP 708-2L-00450 PUMP

708-2L-00451 PUMP 708-2L-00452 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00460 PUMP 708-2L-00471 CRADLE 708-2L-00500 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00511 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00521 PUMP 708-2L-00531 PUMP 708-2L-00533 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00600 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00660 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00680 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00690 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00700 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00780 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-00861 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00870 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00910 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-00990 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01052 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01053 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01102 PUMP 708-2L-01151 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01201 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01203 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01230 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01250 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01260 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01270 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01280 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01301 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01311 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01360 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01370 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01420 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01430 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01440 PUMP 708-2L-01441 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01442 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01500 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01520 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01530 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01540 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01550 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01560 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01600 PUMP 708-2L-01621 PUMP 708-2L-01622 PUMP 708-2L-01631 PUMP 708-2L-01632 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01680 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01690 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01700 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01870 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01930 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-01950 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01960 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-01990 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-03030 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-03220 SERVO VALVE ASS

708-2L-03221 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-03222 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-03230 SERVO VALVE ASS 708-2L-03231 SERVO VALVE ASS 708-2L-03232 SERVO VALVE ASS

708-2L-03602 VALVE 708-2L-03603 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-03612 VALVE 708-2L-03613 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-03614 VALVE ASS`Y

708-2L-03801 BODY ASS`Y 708-2L-03810 BODY ASS`Y 708-2L-04010 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04030 CAP 708-2L-04040 BLOCK ASS`Y

708-2L-04041 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-04051 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-04060 CRADLE 708-2L-04111 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04121 CASE

708-2L-04131 CAP 708-2L-04171 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-04190 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-04230 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04270 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-04280 BLOCK 708-2L-04290 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-04310 RELIEF VALVE AS 708-2L-04311 RELIEF VALVE AS 708-2L-04320 CAP ASS`Y

708-2L-04370 CRADLE 708-2L-04380 CRADLE 708-2L-04430 CRADLE 708-2L-04450 CRADLE 708-2L-04470 CRADLE

708-2L-04471 CRADLE 708-2L-04521 VALVE 708-2L-04522 VALVE 708-2L-04531 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-04541 VALVE ASS`Y

708-2L-04560 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04570 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04590 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-04650 CRADLE 708-2L-04690 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-04712 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-04730 CRADLE 708-2L-04810 CRADLE 708-2L-04820 CRADLE 708-2L-04830 CRADLE

708-2L-04890 CRADLE 708-2L-04912 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-04913 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-04921 PLUG ASS`Y 708-2L-04922 PLUG ASS`Y

708-2L-04990 PLUG 708-2L-05330 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-05720 CRADLE 708-2L-05920 COVER ASS`Y 708-2L-05930 STOPPER

708-2L-06111 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06120 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06121 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06210 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06211 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-06232 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06233 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06252 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06253 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06261 CRADLE

708-2L-06262 CRADLE 708-2L-06271 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06272 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06273 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06281 BLOCK ASS`Y

708-2L-06282 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06283 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06292 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06293 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06294 CAP ASS`Y

708-2L-06340 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06350 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06360 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06370 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06380 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-06390 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06440 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06450 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06460 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06470 BLOCK ASS`Y

708-2L-06480 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06490 CAP ASS`Y 708-2L-06530 COVER ASS`Y 708-2L-06551 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-06561 COVER ASS`Y

708-2L-06590 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06630 CRADLE 708-2L-06640 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06650 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06660 PISTON ASS`Y

708-2L-06670 COVER ASS`Y 708-2L-06680 VALVE 708-2L-06690 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-06730 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06740 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-06750 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06760 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06780 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06790 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-06810 PLUG

708-2L-06820 PLUG ASS`Y 708-2L-06821 PLUG ASS`Y 708-2L-06840 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06850 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06860 COVER ASS`Y

708-2L-06870 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06880 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06890 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-2L-06910 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06930 CRADLE

708-2L-06940 CRADLE 708-2L-06950 VALVE ASS`Y 708-2L-06960 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-06970 COVER ASS`Y 708-2L-06980 CASE ASS`Y

708-2L-06990 CASE ASS`Y 708-2L-21380 CASE 708-2L-21450 CASE 708-2L-21470 CASE 708-2L-21480 CASE

708-2L-21530 CAP 708-2L-21550 CAP 708-2L-21580 CAP 708-2L-21620 CASE 708-2L-21630 CAP

708-2L-21640 CAP 708-2L-21650 CASE 708-2L-21760 CASE 708-2L-21820 CASE 708-2L-21830 CASE

708-2L-21860 CRADLE 708-2L-22112 SHAFT 708-2L-22122 SHAFT 708-2L-22150 BEARING 708-2L-22440 SHAFT

708-2L-22450 SHAFT 708-2L-22470 SHAFT 708-2L-23112 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2L-23151 SPRING 708-2L-23212 PLATE

708-2L-23222 VALVE PLATE 708-2L-23311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-23313 PISTON 708-2L-23331 SHOE 708-2L-23340 RETAINER

708-2L-23451 CAM 708-2L-23640 CRADLE 708-2L-23711 CRADLE 708-2L-23722 CRADLE 708-2L-23740 COVER

708-2L-23760 CRADLE 708-2L-23770 CRADLE 708-2L-23780 CRADLE 708-2L-23853 CRADLE 708-2L-23880 CRADLE

708-2L-23890 CRADLE 708-2L-24170 SHIM 708-2L-24180 SHIM 708-2L-24190 SHIM 708-2L-24210 SCREW

708-2L-24511 PISTON 708-2L-24512 PISTON 708-2L-24513 PISTON 708-2L-24610 SEAL 708-2L-24611 SEAL

708-2L-24612 SEAL 708-2L-24660 WASHER 708-2L-24671 SEAL 708-2L-24950 O-RING 708-2L-25250 SPRING

708-2L-25372 LEVER 708-2L-25440 PLATE 708-2L-25460 SPRING 708-2L-2555 SPRING 708-2L-25630 SPACER

708-2L-25720 SLEEVE 708-2L-25760 ORIFICE 708-2L-25810 FILTER 708-2L-25850 FILTER 708-2L-25851 FILTER

708-2L-25882 CAM 708-2L-25970 PLUG 708-2L-25990 O-RING 708-2L-28111 SLEEVE 708-2L-28112 SLEEVE

708-2L-28113 SLEEVE 708-2L-28121 PISTON 708-2L-28122 PISTON 708-2L-28130 SPOOL 708-2L-28131 SPOOL

708-2L-28171 PIN 708-2L-28190 SPRING 708-2L-28220 SEAT 708-2L-28221 SEAT 708-2L-28231 SEAT

708-2L-28252 SPOOL 708-2L-28253 SPOOL 708-2L-28262 PLUG 708-2L-28270 SPRING 708-2L-28280 NUT

708-2L-28310 SPRING 708-2L-28320 SPRING 708-2L-28330 SPRING 708-2L-28340 SPRING 708-2L-28360 SPRING

708-2L-28380 SPRING 708-2L-28390 SPRING 708-2L-28410 SLEEVE 708-2L-28430 SPOOL 708-2L-28470 PIN

708-2L-28510 SLEEVE 708-2L-28520 SPOOL 708-2L-28530 SLEEVE 708-2L-28560 PLUG 708-2L-28570 SLEEVE

708-2L-28620 SPOOL 708-2L-28811 SLEEVE 708-2L-28823 SPOOL 708-2L-28831 PLUG 708-2L-28841 SEAT

708-2L-28861 SEAT 708-2L-28870 SPRING 708-2L-28881 PLUG 708-2L-28890 PLUG 708-2L-28892 PLUG

708-2L-28910 BLOCK 708-2L-28911 BLOCK 708-2L-28912 BLOCK 708-2L-29111 BLOCK 708-2L-31122 CASE

708-2L-31410 CASE 708-2L-31411 CASE 708-2L-31420 CAP 708-2L-31430 CASE 708-2L-31910 PLATE

708-2L-32160 SHAFT 708-2L-32170 SHAFT 708-2L-32180 COUPLING 708-2L-32190 RING 708-2L-32230 SHAFT

708-2L-32240 COUPLING 708-2L-32280 RETAINER 708-2L-33130 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2L-33140 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2L-33150 CYLINDER BLOCK

708-2L-33170 PLATE 708-2L-33180 PLATE 708-2L-33190 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-2L-33240 PLATE 708-2L-33250 PLATE

708-2L-33260 PLATE 708-2L-33320 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-33330 SHOE 708-2L-33360 RETAINER 708-2L-33420 CAM

708-2L-33430 PISTON 708-2L-33450 CAM 708-2L-34020 PLUG 708-2L-34120 SLIDER 708-2L-34180 SLIDER

708-2L-34230 COVER 708-2L-34250 SCREW 708-2L-34260 COVER 708-2L-34310 COVER 708-2L-34320 COVER

708-2L-34330 SCREW 708-2L-34340 SCREW 708-2L-34350 PISTON 708-2L-34360 PISTON 708-2L-34410 ELBOW

708-2L-35120 PLUG 708-2L-35220 SPOOL 708-2L-35230 PLUG 708-2L-35240 SPRING 708-2L-35250 SPRING

708-2L-35260 PLUG 708-2L-35270 PLUG 708-2L-35280 PIN 708-2L-35290 NUT 708-2L-35311 SLEEVE

708-2L-35331 SEAT 708-2L-35341 SEAT 708-2L-35351 PLUG 708-2L-35360 SLEEVE 708-2L-35430 SPOOL

708-2L-35550 SPOOL 708-2L-35560 SPRING 708-2L-35570 SPOOL 708-2L-35580 SPRING 708-2L-35590 PLUG

708-2L-35641 SEAT 708-2L-35650 SEAT 708-2L-35660 PLUG 708-2L-35790 SPOOL 708-2L-35810 SLEEVE

708-2L-35820 SPOOL 708-2L-35830 SEAT 708-2L-35840 SPRING 708-2L-35850 PLUG 708-2L-35860 SPOOL

708-2L-35870 NUT 708-2L-35920 PLUG 708-2L-35921 PLUG 708-2L-35941 PLUG 708-2L-41170 O-RING

708-2L-42111 SHAFT 708-2L-42120 SHAFT 708-2L-42140 COUPLING 708-2L-42150 BEARING 708-2L-42210 SHAFT

708-2L-42220 SHAFT 708-2L-42230 COUPLING 708-2L-42250 BEARING 708-2L-43130 SEAT 708-2L-43150 SPRING

708-2L-43230 PLATE 708-2L-43240 PLATE 708-2L-43311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2L-43340 RETAINER 708-2L-43360 PIN

708-2L-43510 RETAINER 708-2L-43611 CRADLE 708-2L-44120 SLIDER 708-2L-44130 COVER 708-2L-44140 SPRING

708-2L-44151 SCREW 708-2L-44161 COVER 708-2L-44171 SCREW 708-2L-44180 SPRING 708-2L-44190 SPRING

708-2L-44220 PLUG 708-2L-44320 SCREW 708-2L-45131 PLUG 708-2L-45210 PLUG 708-2L-45220 SPRING

708-2L-45230 SPRING 708-2L-45240 RING 708-2L-69700 COVER ASS`Y 708-2L-90441 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-90442 PUMP ASS`Y

708-2L-90460 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2L-90461 PUMP ASS`Y 708-2M-05110 WASHER ASS`Y 708-2M-12110 SHAFT 708-2M-12120 SHAFT

708-2M-12121 SHAFT 708-2M-12170 SHAFT 708-2M-12171 SHAFT 708-2M-12320 COVER 708-2M-13110 CYLINDER BLOCK

708-2M-13120 SEAT 708-2M-13130 SEAT 708-2M-13311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-2M-13340 SHOE RETAINER 708-2M-13510 GUIDE

708-35-00220 PUMP ASS`Y 708-36-15120 RETAINER 708-3D-00020 PUMP 708-3D-00030 PUMP 708-3D-01020 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3D-01030 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3D-04130 CASE ASS`Y 708-3D-04220 CAP ASS`Y 708-3D-04230 CAP ASS`Y 708-3D-04320 BLOCK ASS`Y

708-3D-04420 CRADLE 708-3D-04610 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3D-04710 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3D-11620 IMPELLER 708-3D-11730 COVER

708-3D-11810 BOLT 708-3D-12130 SHAFT 708-3D-12210 SHAFT 708-3D-12220 COUPLING 708-3D-13330 RETAINER

708-3D-13340 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3D-15110 VALVE 708-3D-15310 PLUG 708-3D-15320 PIN 708-3D-15410 SPRING

708-3D-15420 SPRING 708-3M-00030 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3M-01011 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3M-01015 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3M-01030 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3M-03010 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3M-03011 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3M-03020 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3M-03620 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3M-04030 CASE ASS`Y

708-3M-04113 CASE ASS`Y 708-3M-04115 CASE ASS`Y 708-3M-04160 CRADLE 708-3M-04161 CRADLE 708-3M-04213 CAP ASS`Y

708-3M-04311 BLOCK ASS`Y 708-3M-11611 IMPELLER 708-3M-11713 COVER 708-3M-12111 SHAFT 708-3M-13310 PISTON ASS`Y

708-3M-13311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3M-13341 RETAINER 708-3M-15211 PLUG 708-3M-15630 PLUG 708-3M-15651 SPOOL

708-3M-15670 SPOOL 708-3M-15720 PLUG 708-3S-00110 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00220 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00240 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00250 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00280 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00311 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00314 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00320 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00321 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00322 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00323 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00324 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00331 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00334 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00350 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00380 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00390 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00410 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00412 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00421 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00422 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00441 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00450 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00460 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00511 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00513 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00521 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00522 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00530 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00531 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00532 VALVE 708-3S-00540 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00560 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-00561 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00562 PUMP 708-3S-00610 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-00611 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01110 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-01130 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01150 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01230 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01312 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01320 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-01321 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01410 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01411 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01422 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01423 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-01430 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01431 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01511 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01512 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01513 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3S-01522 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01523 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-01530 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-03411 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03414 VALVE ASS`Y

708-3S-03421 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03422 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03450 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03451 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03452 VALVE ASS`Y

708-3S-03453 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03472 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03480 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03510 VALVE 708-3S-03520 VALVE

708-3S-03521 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03551 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03650 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3S-03710 VALVE 708-3S-03730 VALVE ASS`Y

708-3S-03940 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3S-03950 SPOOL ASS`Y 708-3S-03960 SLEEVE ASS`Y 708-3S-04120 CASE ASS`Y 708-3S-04170 CASE ASS`Y

708-3S-04171 CASE ASS`Y 708-3S-04210 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04240 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04250 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04270 CAP ASS`Y

708-3S-04271 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04272 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04280 CAP ASS`Y 708-3S-04350 BODY ASS`Y 708-3S-04460 BODY ASS`Y

708-3S-04480 SPOOL ASS`Y 708-3S-04531 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-04541 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3S-11110 CASE 708-3S-11120 CASE

708-3S-11511 CAP 708-3S-11522 CAP 708-3S-11540 CAP 708-3S-11570 PLUG 708-3S-11580 SEAT

708-3S-11590 PLUG 708-3S-12110 SHAFT 708-3S-12220 COVER 708-3S-13110 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-3S-13120 CYLINDER BLOCK

708-3S-13210 VALVE PLATE 708-3S-13220 PLATE 708-3S-13310 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3S-13311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3S-13340 SHOE RETAINER

708-3S-13350 GUIDE 708-3S-13440 CAM 708-3S-13441 CAM 708-3S-13460 BALL 708-3S-13470 CAM

708-3S-13510 CAM 708-3S-13520 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3S-14110 PISTON 708-3S-14120 SPRING 708-3S-14171 CASE ASS`Y

708-3S-14210 BOLT 708-3S-14220 FLANGE 708-3S-14260 PLUG 708-3S-14261 PLUG 708-3S-14310 PLUG

708-3S-15110 PISTON 708-3S-15130 PLUG 708-3S-15140 PLUG 708-3S-15220 SLEEVE 708-3S-15241 SLEEVE

708-3S-15251 PISTON 708-3S-15261 PISTON 708-3S-15310 SPOOL 708-3S-15311 SPOOL 708-3S-15320 SPRING

708-3S-15330 PLUG 708-3S-15350 BODY 708-3S-15370 BODY 708-3S-15440 PLUG 708-3S-15510 SLEEVE

708-3S-15520 SPOOL 708-3S-15530 SLEEVE 708-3S-15540 PISTON 708-3S-15550 PISTON 708-3S-15570 SLEEVE

708-3S-15580 PISTON 708-3S-15590 PISTON 708-3S-15620 SPRING 708-3S-15622 SPRING 708-3S-15632 SPRING

708-3S-15640 SPOOL 708-3S-15651 SPOOL 708-3S-15660 PLUG 708-3S-15690 PLUG 708-3S-15760 NUT

708-3S-15780 SPOOL 708-3S-15830 PLUG 708-3S-15860 PLUG 708-3S-15870 SEAT 708-3S-15890 SPRING

708-3S-15930 PLUG 708-3S-15950 SEAT 708-3S-15970 SPRING 708-3S-19120 ORIFICE 708-3S-19130 ORIFICE

708-3S-19140 ORIFICE 708-3T-00110 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00112 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00113 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00114 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3T-00131 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00132 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00140 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00210 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00213 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3T-00214 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00215 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00216 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-00230 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01114 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3T-01115 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01116 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01120 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01130 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01220 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3T-01230 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-01240 PUMP ASS`Y 708-3T-03211 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3T-03222 VALVE ASS`Y 708-3T-03240 VALVE ASS`Y

708-3T-04111 FLANGE 708-3T-04120 CASE ASS`Y 708-3T-04130 CYLINDER BLOCK 708-3T-04140 PLATE ASS`Y 708-3T-04150 PLATE ASS`Y

708-3T-04160 PLUG ASS`Y 708-3T-04170 CASE ASS`Y 708-3T-04180 CASE ASS`Y 708-3T-04190 PLUG ASS`Y 708-3T-04210 CYLINDER BLOCK

708-3T-04310 BODY ASS`Y 708-3T-04320 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-04330 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-04331 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-04520 PUMP ASS`Y

708-3T-11130 CASE 708-3T-11230 FLANGE 708-3T-11310 ORIFICE 708-3T-12110 SHAFT 708-3T-12120 SHAFT

708-3T-12130 SHAFT 708-3T-12150 IMPELLER 708-3T-12190 COUPLING 708-3T-12210 CASE 708-3T-12420 PLATE

708-3T-13120 BLOCK 708-3T-13220 PLATE 708-3T-13311 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-13412 CAM 708-3T-13420 BALL

708-3T-14113 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-14114 PISTON ASS`Y 708-3T-14150 PLUG 708-3T-14151 PLUG 708-3T-14160 SEAT

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